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Restorations price list 5-20-2023

Please let me know first if 
someone has tried/or worked previously on the Turntable .  Ther may be added 

Note : I always use the original base you send in . Or if the base is too damaged . There is a good chance I will have a 

good used base to work with . I do not use new Ebay MDF Bases . MDF is a cheap medium to work with . And warps and

crumbles . Especially when exposed to water , or a damp environment . Over time the actual base can warp . And become

"Out of True" . Throwing off the geometry of the motor/platter to the tone arm . 

Veneer - Pioneer PL-570 , PL-550 , PL-530 , PL-71 , PL-55X , PL-518 Etc..

Burls: $250.00

Domestic and standard Veneers : $240.00

Veneer - Marantz 6300 

Burls : $260.00 . Standard and domestic Veneers $250.00

Veneer- Marantz 6200 and 6100 - $250.00. Burls . $240.00

Finish types and costs - (All makes and models) 

Stain and coat of Poly - Free

Lacquered Finish : $20.00

5 coats of Satin Poly - $20.00

High Gloss Poly . 25+ coats of Poly , Wet Sanding , Polishing and Buffing $200.00.

Please note . Certain finishes work well with certain wood types . That's something we can talk about . 

Restoration Work . Per Make and Model Electrical and Mechanical :

Pioneer PL-570 :

Remove unit from base and re-install : $75.00 Flat cost 

Replace Power board capacitors : $65.00

Replace Auto return board Caps : $20.00

Replace Auto Return Board IC's (If needed) : $30 ea. 

New Nippon Pulse Tone arm timing motor : $70.00

Tone Arm Silicone replacement : $25.00

Repaint Strobe Plastic plate : $20.00 (If needed/wanted)

Polish and buff out Pioneer front base logo $20.00 (If needed/wanted) 

New Technics Low Capacitance Phono cables . Gold Terminals Longer/imported: $50.00 (Only if needed) 

Used Pioneer Factory output Rca Cables . The best/recommended : $35.00 (Only if Needed)

New or used Factory Pioneer Ground wire with spade : $10.00 (Only if needed)

Remove and replace damaged phono cables with new or used : $20.00 to $35.00 (Only if needed)

Used Pioneer PL-570/PL-550 Motor $75.00 (If needed only) 

Base repair ; $20.00 ( Only if needed) 

Cleaning  , Lubrication , small adjustments I do do charge extra . If a 570 has been tampered with . Usually 

people try to repair the timing motor , and arm movement system etc... Can cost extra . I do not know the costs

until I have the unit , And am working on it . And how serious the damage is . 

I do have parts units for the 570 . Virtually anything can be repaired and or replaced . 

Pioneer PL-530 :

Remove unit from base and re-install after base has been restored: $75.00

Clean and remove Tone Arm auto clutch and add a new foam pad : $5.00

Tone arm Silicone replacement :$25.00

New Technics Phono Rca Cables . Imported 1200 Longer w/Gold Rca Terminals : $50.00 (Only If Needed) 

Used Pioneer Factory cables (The best / Recommended) $35.00 (Only if needed) 

Remove old phono cables and replace with new or used : $20.00 to $35.00 (Only if Needed) 

Repair clicking / stuck auto return spring system and adjust . Includes new/used parts : $35.00 (Only if needed)

Used Pioneer ground wire or a new ground cable with spade : $10.00 (Only if Needed) 

Base repair /Prior to Veneer $20.00 (only if needed) . 

Note: I collect parts units . I do have many parts for this model . Virtually anything can be restored and or repaired . 

Marantz 6300:

Remove unit from base and re-install : $75.00

New Phono Rca Cables (This is always needed) Technics Gold Rca Imported $50.00 . Pioneer used /the best $35.00

Install new Phono Cables : $35 to $40 . Depending on new or used cables . 

New ground wire with spade or used Pioneer : $10.00 (Always needed) 

Replace/ Repair auto shut off mechanism : $35.00

Replace the Thyristor on PCB Board ; $15.00

New Tube Factory correct size Strobe Lamp $30.00 (Only if Needed) . Won't use the Ebay ones as they burn out too fast . They are too

small , with light resistance . Mine will last a very long time and will not burn out nearly as fast as Ebay strobe Bulbs . 

Repaint and sand front Marantz Logo : $25.00 (If wanted/needed) . 

Replace with used Phono Motor $80.00 . Often Motor spindles become bent on 6300's (Only if Needed)

Tone Arm repair - broken anti-skate bars , Loose/damaged bearings , adjustments etc... $ Price varies . 

Repair damaged base . Prior to Veneer work . $20-$35 (Only if Needed) 

Note: I have many parts/Parts units for these 6300 Turntables . Everything can be repaired and most parts can be restored or replaced . 

Note : The price list is "Under Construction" at the moment . I will be adding further Makes/Models soon .


PL-530 Walnut Burl. 

Restored Pioneer PL-550 . Veneer is American

Furniture Grade Figured Walnut . 


PL-550 Walnut.

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